Welcome to the future of mailing.

The Internet changed everything.

It changed the way buyers buy and sellers sell. It's changing the role of direct mail. According to a recent DMA study, more than 42% of interested direct mail recipients prefer to respond online. Are you there for them?

MailConnect® links the impact-power of direct mail with the interactive capabilities of the Internet. The result? The conversion of direct mail recipients into qualified, educated prospects and valued customers.

See what MailConnect® can do for you:

Generate Personalized URLs Build VIP Landing Pages Profile, Segment, & Activate Responders Track & Manage Results in Real Time

Your mailing list is used to automatically generate Personalized URLs for each individual (record) in your mail file.

Personalized URLs invite each mail recipient to their own "private screening" of your product or service. Or you simply invite them to learn more - on their own terms.

Create VIP Landing Pages that integrate and expand the direct mail message or offer.

Personalize your responders initial online visit with variable data and images.
Produce multiple versions to meet list segmentation requirements.
Set marketing triggers to flag important responder preferences.

Profile responders based on their preferences and obtain key qualifying information.

Segment responders and provide them with a more personalized, relevant online experience.
Activate responders to begin a self-serve transaction, request dialogue with a company representative, or request further information.

Generate powerful reports, gaining immediate insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.

Track results by individual responder, visitor profile, or any other criteria.
Route leads to the appropriate representatives via multiple communications platforms, including CRM, email, cell phone and pager.
Launch follow-up activities or an entirely new campaign.

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